True colours

Who's lying here - the colour of the words or the words of the colour?

Why should visual artists have all the fun? Do writers (let’s not call them verbal artists) have to remain at their grammatical grindstone and never get out the crayons and drawing paper?

I don’t think so. I actually think there’s too much words these days and I’m rather keen on a thing I call unwriting. That leads me to look at what properties words have beyond their apparent meaning.

These six canvases are the work of a writer who’s as interested in playing around with the visual quality of words as a sculptor might be interested in playing around with a lump of clay; and few words could be better suited to this purpose than the names we have (or think we have) for colours.

Made in Adobe Illustrator, printed by inkjet onto prepared canvas, 900 x 900mm. First exhibited at Cotton’s Yard, April 2006. And then in the Art Loan scheme at the canteen of Mills and Reeve Solicitors, Norwich.

Oh, and by theway, here's Mr Steinberg's take:

And then, that Jasper Johns bloke:

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