A tweet.

This is (quite a bad) photograph of Messrs Orff, Reich and Shostakovich supposedly scaring the cheeky cockney sparrers off my peas in the garden.

Didn't bloody work. Said sparrers flew down and ripped foliage off irrespective (disrepectful an' all). No refinement at all.

I'm going to have to up my game. Next year, it'll have to be Messiaen, Bartok and Webern. That'll teach 'em. Bastards.

Trident miss-ile

I'm no supporter of Trident, nor of any nuclear weapons for that matter, but it's probably a good idea from the MOD's point of view to make sure they work.

They say it's not just the missile they're testing, but also the boat, the crew, the command and control systems. A Trident missile costs, by the way, £17m. Just for the one. And so far as I can tell, the only way to test a Trident missile is to - erm - fire it.

Which will only tell you whether that one was OK, or not. By which time, it's a bit too late to mend it. A Trident missile which is a dud costs as much to test as a Trident missile that works as intended.

Put that in your torpedo tube and smoke it.

Louis Joseph Bunker Wingate

Born 13 November 2016. 

From Cyril Connolly

Hôtel de la Louisiane

...I have a room for 400 francs a month and at last I will be living within my own and other people's income. I am tired of acquaintances and tired of friends unless they're intelligent, tired also of extrovert unbookish life. Me for good talk, wet evenings, intimacy, vins rouges en carafe, reading, relative solitude, street worship, exploration of the least known arrondissements, shopgazing, alley sloping, cafe crawling, Seine loafing, and plenty of writing from the table by this my window where I can watch the streets light up... I am for the intricacy of Europe, the discrete and many folded strata of the old world, the past, the North, the world of ideas. I am for the Hôtel de la Louisiane.

Sincerely, L Cohen


I’ve worked at my work
I’ve slept at my sleep
I’ve died at my death
and now I can leave.
Leave what is needed
and leave what is full
need in the spirit
and need in the whole.
Beloved, I’m yours
as I have always been,
from marrow to pore
from longing to skin.
Now that my mission
has come to its end
I pray I’m forgiven
the life that I’ve led
the body I chased
it chased me as well.
My longing’s a place
my dying a sail.