Too Much to Dream

Hoping, wishing, dreaming: nowhere else do people write with such openness as on a dating website. Here, everyone is looking for someone to love and to be loved by, to fill a hole in their lives. These are expressions of unfulfilled longing, quietly poetic, that reveal something poignant about the state of their lives - our lives. You just have to know where to look.

A collaboration between Mr Wingate (words) and Mr Melhuish (pictures and production).

Medium: light projection captured on digital video, shot in the streets of Sydney in 2012.

David Camoron

So our esteemed prime minister regards anyone who opposes the bombing of Syria as a terrorist sympathiser (2 December 2015). With such a towering intellect in office, we can all sleep so much better at night. He's a fine example of the value of a private education.

Moron is too kind a term.

Volks Whingeing

A whole page ad that laments the loss of trust: "We have broken the most important part in our vehicles..." They mean trust. Geddit?

Well, no. If the admirably named John German of the US International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) hadn't spotted and reported it, VW would cheerfully have continued the deception. All they did was break the eleventh commandment: thou shall not get caught.

To lament a loss of trust and to declare that "our number one priority is winning back that trust" is a pathetic response, no doubt generated by whichever lucky PR agency is handling the crisis management (can you imagine the invoice?).

VW cheated, lied and deceived not only their own customers, but also their dealerships, their competitors, their employees, their shareholders, their supply chain, as well as governments, environmental agencies and motorists in general.

Bill Bernbach's ad comes to mind. What made us love this carmaker has indeed turned sour. Long may they rue the day they chose to do it.