A PS to Henry

Dear Henry

It's now mid July 2010 and I have pretty much sent copies of A Letter To Henry to everyone who I think ought to have a copy. Strange how some people have responded, and stranger still how some others haven't responded in any way at all. You might be surprised at who they are. I make no judgement about it - everyone copes with stuff in different ways.

But there is an additional thing I should have included in the text; I thought it might be OK to do it here.

I wrote that bit in LTH about how sad it was that the rest of your life was lost to you. What I should have added - but didn't think of it at the time - is how sad, too, for all those people you hadn't met yet in your life. People who will never get the chance to meet you, who will never get the chance to have their lives made brighter from knowing you. And, if it's not too sentimentality-laden, the children you might have had. What a fine Dad you would have made.

There - said it. There will be further PS's, no doubt. Missing you is a full time job.

With loves forever,


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