qwertyuiop game

Ohhh, the things writers get up to (well, this one, anyway) - anything rather than actually write. In this highly immersive, somewhat addictive game, you make up as many words as you can, using only the top row of keys. Look away now if you want to have a go...

trippy typewriter property proper pert quoit quite queer equip repertoire pretty quit quitter witty pier quiet writer write writ outer pouter pout poetry poet pity pewter pour topper tipper pepper tower power quire were tourer tour weir wittier outre potter twerp root router rout route yeti requite potty pottier twitter twit tort piety trip tripper pique pierrot porter port require pyre queue tripe query quote wept rope torpor wort wetter wipe wiper ripper trope worry wiry type trite wire your yore ripe true truer troupe trooper troop terrier terror territory tryer rotter totter titter torque pipe piper poop pope rower ropey retire pure purity petty propriety tyre tire tore turret rupture pore poor poorer retort tree tote tout putter trout prop europe utter prototype putty perry priority prior priory tory retype repot toupee ewer erupt repute prey quotiety puttee puppy puppet purport peppery equerry weeper weep twee tier poppy pottery repertory repetiteur report reporter prow equity tetter tutor uppity puree torture pipette teet teeter tottery treetop upper rote popery trio tripo trotter peep yuppie etiquette toque output tepee rotor eerie eyrie (popeye) tiptop retro pirouette proprietor outwit petite wrote rewire yoyo perpetuity yurt

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