Why sex is bad for you (apparently)

This, from the Guardian (Zoe Williams) via the Taipei Times. I'm just the reporter, me.

The disadvantages of sex before marriage: pregnancy, fear of pregnancy, AIDS, guilt, herpes, disappointing parents, chlamydia, inability to concentrate on school, syphilis, embarrassment, abortion, shotgun wedding, gonorrhea, selfishness, pelvic inflammatory disease, heartbreak, infertility, loneliness, cervical cancer, poverty, loss of self-esteem, loss of reputation, being used, suicide, substance abuse, melancholy, loss of faith, possessiveness, isolation, fewer friendships formed, rebellion against other familial standards, alienation, loss of self-mastery, viewing others as sex objects, difficulty with long-term commitments, other sexually transmitted diseases, aggression toward women, sexual violence, loss of honesty, jealousy, depression, death.

I particularly like the loss of self-mastery. WTF is that? And strange that they didn't mention nuclear war, earthquakes or genocide. Have you come yet? I have.

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