Nigel Lofthouse

Nigel Lofthouse, much loved dear and close friend, companion and occasional fellow chef, has died after a long struggle against the bastard cancer. I've never known a man quite like him: he had rare qualities, not least among them a fine sense of humour and an utterly insatiable curiosity about the world.

We never did get to the bottom of string theory. Requiescat in pace, dear, dear boy.


ray said...

is this the nigal the man i worked for in his studio, I learnt a lot of makeing bags and what ever he , come out of his head after he sat in front of me at his desk, reading a book , after he went off on his bike ride he would ? come back with a bag of colured ,shells & another idea a very talented , most of all really human, a friend that I always think about, in paridise i hope i meet you my teaher and friend .

Diana Aiken said...

Diana (Goddard) Aiken
I knew Nigel when we were students together at Leicester, and then I helped him buy St Paul's Studios where he started to make all those beautiful leather goods. I lived in the basement flat. I still have a fabulous collection of bags and belts which I prize, including the bag he made me for my wedding. Nigel was one of the dearest men you could ever know, I am so sad to learn about his death. He was still so young. Sincerest condolences to all his family and friends.

David McGinity said...

At Leicester Nigel was the one Arts Guy in the rugby team, played centre .(Architects did not qualify!) He loved being with the team and enjoying the chat after the game . Another member of the team was Dave Treadaway whose sons are the actors. How times marches on.
Good memories.
David McGinity

Jo lofthouse said...

I'm so blown away by your posts. The world has gone truly mad with coronavirus at the moment. But I'm thinking of our wonderful Nigel, Nigle, Nig, Pass the Bottle, as we near his 8th anniversary. Although of course that's not what we want to celebrate. I have to work harder at it these days so your posts were a fantastic and, oh so sad, reminder of who I loved with all my heart. Thanks XX