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My birthday mail included this cheery greeting from my very dear friends at Confused dot com. You can see the lovely video on

Sorry, but you'll have to copy and paste. But it's really worth it. (Sic.)

And it's also worth reading the comments below it. Some people are very, very sad and clearly, very, very alone.

I sent this company an email asking them why on earth they thought I would want or welcome their birthday greetings. I'm not, emphatically not, a customer. It turns out that I might not have checked/unchecked a box somewhere, some time long ago, which they have mistakenly interpreted as an invitation to send me lots of useful information, details of offers etc etc. That I could have dealt with, with a swift unsubscribe. But I've actually had no communications from them at all, until this. 

More fabulously, this was the rationale: the marketing department "just thought it would be a fun, upbeat way to send a customer 'best wishes' for their birthday." I've told them I thought it was, au cointreau, cheap and nasty, infantile and infantilising, just like their advertising. And intruded like a dog turd in the post on my otherwise very happy birthday.

I also promised them I'd broadcast the fact of my irritation. QED.

Confused dot com - living up to their name. Stupidiots, I think.

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