FAQs me off

Have you noticed? The question you frequently ask is never there. Instead, imaginary questions are asked - and the answers provided - that only idiots would ask:

Q - What happens if I pull the plug out of the socket?

A - Thanks for asking that tricky question, LaVerne: a lot of folks have been having trouble with this one! Bill Spurtillo, our technical VP says: Sorry, LaVerne, if you pull the plug out, then the functionality of your appliance is plain gone. Try plugging it back in and booting back up: I find that often does the trick!

I have also, in the past, been asked to write frequently asked questions. But that makes them... neither frequently, nor asked, nor questions - except that I put a question mark after them? What's more, it was the website for a product that hadn't actually gone live yet. So there wasn't anyone to ask either.

The same phenomenon is there on the trouble-shooting pages. Whatever trouble you're having is clearly an isolated incident and you're on your own.

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