Vince Cable, unmasked

It's with great sadness that I see Vince Cable revealing his colours. If ever there was an argument for some people to remain in opposition, this is it. He made such sense, a lone voice ranged against the idiocy of the meltdown, a reliable commentator in those times of unspeakable banking bollocks...

And now here he is, having done nothing - nothing whatsoever - to tackle the issue of the banks, proposing to flog off the Royal Mail. Privatisations don't work, Mr Cable. Look around you and show us the gleaming example of success: British Gas? British Telecom? British Rail? Markets don't make sensible decisions - they just make money decisions. The two don't go together. If we've spent years joking about Royal Mail, it's only because we love to complain. We'll miss it when it's gone.

Shame on you, Vince Cable (is that going to turn out to be a heavily ironic name?). I'd send you a postcard, but you probably wouldn't get it. In both senses of the phrase.

And shame on me, for being such a gullible idiot. I'd like my vote back, please.

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