Irritating little git

Our dear, much missed (double sic) ex-leader pronounces on the radio this morning (21 January) that he really rather resents the accusation that he might have held up the Chilcot enquiry.

Well, excuse us for daring even to think of questioning you, oh Great One - let alone the select committee you appeared before, who had to summon you because you claimed you were "too busy" - perhaps massaging your immense ego in the Middle East.

This is the only man I can think of who managed to make George W Bush look statesmanlike.

To think I once gave this talentless arsehole my vote. He, of course, completely mistook that first election for mass adoration, almost of Virgin Mary proportions; we were actually voting a bunch of useless Tories out and he was the only one left on the deck. His gross conceit was to think we loved him. We didn't and we were right not to.

I do so hope Chilcot will bring him down to size. I can wish, can't I?

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