What's next?

I've dusted off the soapbox, given it a new coat of soap and now I'm ready to hold forth on this, my little piece of Speakers' Corner.

Here's what I, in my high and mighty, most pontifical role, suggest Jeremy Corbyn needs to do next.

Form an Alliance, Jeremy. Call in - no, don't 'reach out', that only means standing where you are and just extending your arms - call in those who actually deserve a bigger voice in policy-making and implementation.

The Greens. The SNP. And even, possibly, the Lib Dems. Talk to them, Jeremy, find the common ground and pull it all together in an Alliance - not, repeat not a coalition, but an Alliance not just to defeat these disgusting Tories and leave them gasping in the dust, but to create a new form of politics, which we so badly need.

That's where you'll find the biggest core support. So get after it. In the fullness of time, you'll be able to disband the Labour Party, whose mission is already achieved. Instead, give us something new to address the issues that the Labour Party was never assembled to recognise, let alone deal with.

There. Better now.

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